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Sexy 'Retrogirl'

 by Shaina Levee
Web Devil

 published on Thursday, February 26, 2004


After a long anticipated wait, RetroGirl fans finally got what they wanted. Local producer Andy Rodriguez, of New Phoenix Filmworks, has completed RetroGirl episodes four and five, "Nightmare", and "Nightmare's End", in a combined DVD.

This live-action comic strip stars Megan Redstone as RetroGirl, a butt-kicking superhero clad in tight spandex. By day she's Jessica de la Fuente, a typical college girl. But, as we all know, after dark is when the bad guys come out to play.

RetroGirl is sold internationally and marks Rodriguez as the first film producer from Arizona to attain such high credit. New Phoenix Filmworks productions have reached 16 different countries.

Overall, for a low-budget film, RetroGirl was of good quality. The DVD contained no special features, though it showed outtakes after the ending credits. The outtakes allowed viewers to get a better idea of how a film could be made without a lot of money.

I personally found the movie to be very entertaining. It was of perfect length and kept me in anticipation the entire time. For a new actress, Redstone did a great job, though my only complaint is that some of her lines seemed a little off. Also, DreamGirl, played by Krisztina Kis Halas, was invigorating. Kis Halas did a great job acting out her part. DreamGirl is RetroGirl's most feared enemy in episodes four and five.

Rodriguez incorporates interesting and unique camera techniques that give the film an artsy feel. The music goes hand-in-hand with the script, accenting parts and offering a sense of danger when needed. The costumes are very characteristic of a superhero. However, the fight choreography could be a little more. The character, Jessica de la Fuente, is a champion gymnast and martial artist, so I expected and wanted to see more grueling choreography.

As a whole, RetroGirl is sexy, the script was amusing and often times funny, and was just downright good. I'd recommend RetroGirl if you're into independent films or comic books. To read a summary or to buy the DVD, visit

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