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Boos & Bravos: Palm Walk and pocket change

 published on Thursday, September 15, 2005


BRAVO to pocket change. The ASU community donated nearly $12,000 to Hurricane Katrina victims on Hurricane Relief Day, throwing everything from dollar bills to pennies in jars student groups held out around campus to collect donations. And we heard Thursday that Panhellenic donated an additional $10,000 to Hurricane Relief Day. It's great to see ASU coming together for a good cause.

BOO to The thought of some anonymous guy taking women's pictures so other people can ogle them on a Web site is creepy enough. But it's even creepier that these women might not even know they're on the site getting rated. It's enough to make us steer clear of Palm Walk.

BRAVO to the ASU and LSU football teams for putting on a great show Saturday. LSU came from behind in the fourth quarter, and the two teams struggled for the lead for the rest of the game. It was undoubtedly the most exciting ASU football game so far this season.

BOO to empty seats. Even though ticket prices for the LSU game were lowered to $10 Friday, there were still about 10,000 empty seats. It was for a good cause and an awesome game. Was it really more fun to watch the game on ESPN than in person?

BRAVO to minority retention programs. It's great that ASU sees a problem a low number of minority students graduating -- and is actively trying to fix it. The efforts have already increased enrollment rates, and we hope to see that trend continue.

BRAVO to the solar panels on Parking Structure 2. The panels not only provide a shady place to park, buy they also put that lovely Arizona sun to good use.

BOO to the solar panels on Hayden Lawn that aren't actually solar panels. Sure, they're cool looking and distinctive. But if we're going to have giant mirrors on campus, it would make a lot more sense if they powered something.

BOO to Facebook-only friends. If you're going to add us as friends on the Facebook, you had better know us in real life.

BRAVO to gas prices dropping eight cents this week. It's still not as nice as the good old days when gas was about a dollar (you know, way back when we were in high school). But it's getting better on our pocketbooks. Of course, an alternative to buying gas would be even better. Guess we'll just have to wait for hydrogen-powered cars.

BOO to the Earth's rotation. We could use a lot more than 24 hours in a day to catch up on sleep or actually do homework. Who do we call to get that fixed?

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