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Editorial: The women of ASU

They're more than just average

 published on Tuesday, September 20, 2005


ASU has not always been known solely for its academic excellence. It's actually more commonly recognized for two reasons: we throw great parties and our campus is stacked with beautiful women.

Just ask Playboy, whose "Girls of the Pac-10" issue featured more women from ASU than from any other university in the Pac-10.

Or better yet, talk to Thomas McCarthy. He was so inspired by the ASU women that he created a Web site showcasing and rating the women of Palm Walk. And if the showcase wasn't enough, there is also a mini cartoon featuring two "ASU" girls, one with the words "fork me" written across her enlarged chest. Meanwhile the lyrics of Eminem sings "I ain't never seen an ass like that," creating a mood for the viewing experience.

The Web site is somewhat like a "Hot or Not" ( for ASU - where women are objectified, published on the Internet and ranked according to their level of "hotness."

And really, if you choose to put your picture on "Hot or Not" and allowing people to rank you, that's fine. We can all admit to visiting the Web site once or twice or possibly more. After all, these are people who willingly place their photos on the site.

But features unsuspecting women - which makes it very different and very wrong. So we're glad ASU is reviewing the site.

However, it does bring to light an issue that's quite possibly even more disturbing than the fact that a site like this exists.

Most of the girls pictured are very attractive, and yet they ranak very low - mostly fives and sixes.

Sure, fives and sixes are average. And there's nothing wrong with being "average." After all, looks definitely aren't everything.

But those who have visited and ranked these women according to "ASU" standards should know there is an entire world outside of ASU - a place where actual average-looking people make up the majority of the population.

And it's a place where the women you ranked so lowly are considered well above average.

Ranking these women so lowly is like holding them to a ridiculously high "ASU standard of beauty" - a standard unattainable for many. And it's a standard that most likely only exists in the realms of ASU, where tanned skin, toned bodies and large breasts flourish.

It's everywhere at ASU, from women wearing way too much makeup "working out" in the SRC to the freshmen with torn (to be more revealing) t-shirts at football game days.

And while the obsession over looks is a debate for another day, the end result is undeniable: ASU women are beautiful.

They're even good enough for Playboy.

So let's admit it and try not to be the vainest place on earth. Those so-rated "average" ASU girls are worth more than a five or six.

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