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Local Limelight: Mother Nature: Meet Your Match

 by Si Robins
 published on Thursday, February 8, 2007

Oh Doctor pits itself against the elements all for the love of live shows./issues/style/699657
Photo courtesy of Oh Doctor
Oh Doctor pits itself against the elements all for the love of live shows.


It can be dangerous to be a young, local band trying to realize a dream. Mesa quintet Oh Doctor has braved Mother Nature on the nation's highways just to make it to a night's gig.

"In Utah, there was a blizzard while we were trying to drive home," bassist and vocalist Kodi Nixon says. "A minivan pulling a trailer is not the best vehicle to drive in the snow with."

The band includes Nixon, 24, his brother and guitarist Acey Nixon, 22, guitarist Clayton McGhan, 23, keyboardist David Taylor, 25, and drummer Marek Davis, 23. They are experienced in enduring the elements in order to play a show.

"We encounter bad weather every time we play out of town," Kodi Nixon says. "We were driving home from New Mexico in the middle of the night and it was raining so hard you couldn't see the lanes on the highway."

The band reluctantly chose to spend the night at a casino instead of risking a return to the Valley - just one obstacle of many faced by a band that lives to play for an audience.

The Oh Doctor live set is spastic and the members' dueling guitars and Taylor's synth noise hit you like a brick wall. Their brand of rock is reminiscent of other lively acts such as the Blood Brothers or At the Drive-In.

Oh Doctor's full-length self-released record, "Color Beyond Closed Eyes," came out this past summer. Though it does a fine job of capturing the band's sound, it doesn't quite bottle up all of the energy of their live show.

The band jaunted through parts of Arizona, California, Utah and Nevada to support the record during its initial release. After a season-long promotion of their debut, the band members returned to Mesa to concentrate on their lives off the road.

With a schedule that has them balancing school (Kodi Nixon attends ASU; other members are at Mesa Community College), full-time jobs, band practice and more - some of the guys are planning their wedding dates later this year - it is understandable that the band uses its live show to let off a bit of steam.

"[Our live show] is not quite perfect, but if you like to have an all-out, energy-driven good time, come to our show," says Acey. "[It is] non-choreographed, sweaty craziness."

Taylor and McGhan appreciate the passion that each member of the band contributes to the live show.

"Our energy feeds off the crowd," says McGhan. "It's almost like a competition."

Taylor shares McGhan's admiration for each member's work ethic.

"We have always said that one of the most important thing about our band, and what we look for in other bands, is energy," Taylor says. "We also have sex appeal, and that helps," he jokes.

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